Friday, August 17, 2012

Cisco Jabber for iPad Pt 1 Provisioning CUPS and CUCM

Cisco Jabber Brand
As noted in my blog on Cisco Jabber for iPad Now Has Video, the latest version of Cisco Jabber for iPad was released on July 11, 2012. This version of Jabber not only adds video capabilities that leverage the built-in cameras on the iPad2 and 3rd generation iPad, but it also combines call processing, presence, and IM functionality into a unified client

In this series on provisioning, I am going to go through the various provisioning options for the Cisco Jabber for iPad. We'll initially start with the basics of getting the client communicating with various back-end services by using the Cisco Unified Presence Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager integration options.

Monday, August 6, 2012

CCIE-V Tip: Using Config Replace

Seeing that I have not taken the practical yet, it may be a bit presumptuous of me to offer up "tips" on taking the CCIE-V lab. Maybe it is better to think of this post as more of an idea I have or a process I plan to adopt when taking my own lab. I invite others to comment if they have suggestions for improvement.

I feel that when you are entering a pressure cooker, it is best to have a well thought out plan of execution. For the CCIE-V lab you can't have a detailed plan for every situation. There are just too many permutations. However, you can (and should) have some "base" methodologies that you attach to your test taking strategy. I think one of these base plans should include configuration management.

The problem I am focused on here is making sure I have a process to roll back configurations during the middle of the lab -- just in case I break something.  I was inspired to think on this problem after watching some of the excellent videos from Kevin Wallace. I suspect that my idea is nothing at all new for veterans who are preparing for this lab. The tools I will be discussing are staples for anyone who has been studying on their own lab gear or managing live systems.

Friday, August 3, 2012

In Bizarro World: Roddenberry Would Sue Apple

Maybe not everyone will agree with me on this one but I think that if Apple can sue Samsung over developing a "rectangular product shape with all four corners uniformly rounded" then the Gene Roddenberry estate may want to consider entering into the foray and get a piece of the pie (Apple pie, if you please).

There are numerous examples where Star Trek has inspired a generation of technical inventions. Where is the credit people? By credit, I mean money. Money for blatantly copying a design that has been around for decades. If we are living in a world where you can patent a shape then I want to see Star Trek given props for just about every gadget we use today.