Some of My Favorite Links (in no particular order)

Chesapeake NetCraftsmen, LLC. - My current employer and home away from home.

My NetCraftsmen Blogs - I maintain blogs on the NetCraftsmen site as well, good stuff!

David Hailey's Blog -  Mr. Hailey is one of my long-time colleagues. If you have a Unity or Unity Connection question you could ask Lindborg. If he isn't available then I say ask Hailey.

Cisco Support Community - One of the best forums in town! I am not just saying that because I am a Designated VIP.

Cisco's Design Zone - I am a firm believer in pouring through the Cisco SRNDs. I don't necessarily agree with everything I read, but it is an excellent way to develop your own opinion.

Answer Monkey - I know that the site name was changed a while ago, but I like the original name and plan to stick with it. There are a lot of useful Unity/Unity Connection goodies here. 

VTC Talk - An excellent forum on all things related to video communications.

UC Corner - Michael Luo's blog covering tips and tricks for various Cisco UC products.

Amy Engineer - A very well-informed and entertaining read from another engineer in the trenches of the IT world

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