Thursday, April 2, 2015

Using SQL To Survey Phone Station Line Appearances

A reader comment on one of the entries in the SQL Query series asks the question:

I have multiple lines associated to the same phone and i'm trying to write a query to get only Line [1] "main line" ,any help please ??
We talked about querying line appearances associated phones in one of the early installments. Now we want to turn some extra knobs to focus on specific data views. I want to provide an example query to address the readers question and also touch on another, related query to show an example of how we can find anomalous data in our UCM solution. 

There are lots of ways to look at Device/Line associations. Especially if you get into the business of identifying user/line and Directory URI associations. We won't get into all of that in this installment but I think it is a good thread to follow. So, let's consider this a "Part 1" for the time being.