Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CUCM SQL Queries: Finding that CSS Dependency

Sometime in May (or was it April?) I was working on a project to migrate a customer's dial plan from their legacy design to a new "normalized" (my flavor of Cisco's "globalized") dial plan. I did most of the conversion leveraging AXL/SOAP and SQL queries. One of the "interesting" issues I came across was during the clean up process. 

There was this one CSS that just didn't want to leave the party. The CUCM barked at me and said the CSS was in use. However, the Dependency Records report said it wasn't. Why? Well, the CSS table is one of the cool kids on campus. It is heavily referenced by other tables in the database. It may even be more popular than the device table. The core issue is that the dependency report is not checking every table reference.  

Apparently, I am not the only one to stumble across this issue. One of the readers of my blog posed a similar question. I figured that instead of burying my response in an obscure comment I'd post it as a new entry. I needed to add something to blog anyway.