Friday, March 2, 2012


I suppose it is obligatory to make the launching of my new blog site "official". So, here goes...

I have been blogging on my company's (Chesapeake NetCraftsmen) web site for the past couple of years.  I came up with the idea of launching a personal blog site for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to explore content outside of my "core" job function at NetCraftsmen. 
  2. I think it is important to establish an individual identity.

I plan on maintaining both blogs as well as stepping up my blogging on the Cisco Support Community. I have read several blogs on how this isn't the best idea. I reject that reality and substitute my own. I feel that maintaining a blog for my favorite company (NetCraftsmen) and my own personal self (i.e. "me") is a fantastic idea. 

So, about My goal with this blog is to share not only some techie "how-to" but to bring my point of view on what it takes to design, deploy, and maintain a sustainable solution. That's key: a solution starts with the problem, the situation you are trying to solve - not the technology. I also plan on sharing a few things about "me" and various side projects that pop up along the way. 

If you have time and are interested, check out the blog I maintain at Chesapeake NetCraftsmen.

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